St Paul and St Andrew Church

Visions and Goals

St Paul and St Andrew
We see ourselves as a Christian Community working together toward our common goals while recognizing the unique needs of the parishioners. We envision an increased sense of unity and growth. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we view ourselves as a welcoming presence within our communities. Our Goals include:
  • To deepen our relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in our Worship and our everyday lives.
  • To maintain and strengthen worship as the center of our parish's life, supported by vibrant service music.
  • To inspire our members to give of their time, talents and treasures and to support and encourage members to become more active and involved in the lay ministry of the church.
  • To provide an enthusiastic, spirited Christian Education program for all ages.
  • To maintain and broaden relationships within the congregation and to continue.
  • To increase the membership of our congregations.
  • To continue and expand outreach and service to our communities.


Episcopal Church of St Paul and St Andrew, 512 South Broad Street, Kenbridge, VA 23944